What You Need To Know About Cancer

Cancer is a disease that has given us hardships since ancient times. We have battled through it for a long time. It has even been recorded by Egyptians in ancient writings. Until our time, we still see and hear about the effects of this terrible disease on people. We are very familiar with it, and we may even know some people that have been diagnosed with this disease. Among all of the cancer symptoms, the worst thing about it is that it has different types. These variants may be specific and localized on the part of the body. Each of these variants causes unique damage to that particular part of the body or organ within. 

The Effects of Cancer Variants

With scientific research and expertise, we have discovered multiple specific cancers—the simple way to understand what cancer is how it develops. Translational oncology also plays a part in this development. Cancer is the uncontrollable growth and spreading of the cells. These cells that are out of control originate from organs in the body. They can be identified as specific cancers. The presence of these cancer cells has different effects on the organ affected by it. Specific treatment and management may be required to address these various cancers.

Bowel Cancer

This specific type of cancer may be called rectal or colon cancer. This happens when cancer cells originate from the large bowel. This has symptoms relating to bowel movement and abdominal pains. If you are diagnosed with this cancer, you may have had a constant bloody stool, persistent bowel habits that may make you defecate more often and with runny stool, and frequent abdominal pains with feelings of bloatedness and high levels of discomfort.

Brain Cancer

This cancer may be considered a very complex variant. Brain cancer is not very common and usually occurs when a history of cancer from the patient or the patient is currently suffering from a different kind of cancer. Metastasis is what usually occurs for brain cancer to start. Metastasis is a term used in the medical field when the cancer cells reach or affect other parts of the body. According to research and statistics, metastatic cancer of the brain has a very low survival rate as this is a secondary development of the original cancer that was diagnosed from the patient. This has a lot of symptoms that we may disregard as ordinary. These symptoms may include; new and onset frequency of headaches, nausea, vomiting, difficulty maintaining balance, fatigue, and a lot more. The symptoms of this would be very unpleasant as time progresses. You can view information on brain cancer here.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most common types. The causes of this cancer are quite mundane and were highly common in the past years. The primary causes of this are smoking tobacco products, secondhand smoke, and asbestos. Smoking had a high influx of regular users from the ’50s to the ’90s. In those years, over half of the population smoked tobacco products and exposed the people around them to harmful secondhand smoke. They have deemed smoking a pastime and as a way to relax and take the stress off. Unfortunately, This caused a spike in lung cancer diagnosis. In addition, these people that had lung cancer gave a higher susceptibility to their children to develop lung cancer. Asbestos is also a high cause of this disease; it has been used extensively in buildings and houses over time, and that there are a lot of people that developed the disease without having been smokers.

Bladder Cancer                                                                                                                                                                      

Cancer of the bladder is a type that has causes that may also be related to the factors that cause lung cancer. The most prolific factor in developing bladder cancer is smoking tobacco products. Since smoking introduces carcinogens to the bloodstream, the kidneys would try to filter them out through our urine. This, in turn, deposits these carcinogenic molecules in our bladder. This kind of cancer will definitely cause unpleasant sensations when passing urine. The symptoms that may come with it would be; passing blood and blood clots when urinating, difficulty in urinating, and a burning sensation when urinating, besides a host of other issues relating to passing urine. Bladder cancer stages are also items to put thoughts on


Cancer has many types and variants. They may cause other cancers to spread and metastasize. The symptoms of this disease are quite a wide range, and all will be very uncomfortable. The kinds of cancers are numerous and unique. These cancers require specific treatments and management. One thing that could be considered, we are still battling this disease. We need to make sure that we prevent this disease from infecting us with our lifestyle and perhaps curb our bad habits.