What Happens When Water Damage Is Neglected?

It’s an expensive error to ignore water damage for an extended period. The damage caused by a little leak can soon escalate into a significant mold problem, even if it appears to be modest. Even a little water damage event may result in tens of thousands of dollars in restoration expenses and put the health of your family and workers in jeopardy. When water damage is ignored, these are just a few of the consequences that might occur.

After Effects of Water Damage Neglect

Water damage can be difficult to solve. However, leaving it unaddressed can give you more problems in the future. 

Depreciates Property Value

Water damage may be a blight on the landscape. It is difficult to paint over a mistake. If water damage is not adequately treated, an inspector will detect it and document it. Potential purchasers will either give you less money or, in the worst-case scenario, will not consider purchasing your house at all.

Pipe Corrosion

When you neglect water damage, a vicious cycle is created. Once pipes get corroded, they have a tendency to leak, resulting in more water damage and a greater demand for water damage repair services. This cycle may be quite expensive as well. You can check the “what we do section of a company’s site to know more about the details.

Ceiling Damage

If you believe it ends with water-damaged ceilings, you’re mistaken. The longer you wait to do water removal and repair, the more the paint on the ceiling and walls will fade, and the plaster will swell, causing the damage to worsen. Additionally, damage to ceiling fans and lights that are installed on the ceiling might occur. Mold growth can happen fast if water damage is not addressed immediately.

Carpet Damage

Carpets are long-lasting, but only for a specific time. You may expect your carpet to wear out faster if you let water damage go unattended. It’ll start to weaken, loosen, rot, and distort if you leave it there for too long. It’s a hassle to deal with wet carpets for a long time.

Health Risks

There are dangerous germs and organisms in floodwaters, which may get you sick and remain on your possessions for a long time. Even after furniture that has been damaged by water has been dried, toxins, poisons, and pollutants are still present. Mold, bugs, and fungus will grow if you let standing water sit in your house for an extended period of time. Besides aggravating existing health problems, they can also cause allergies to worsen, respiratory infections, and various other health problems.

Compromised Floors

Since wood behaves like a sponge, water damage to wood floors is widespread. Because wood is absorbent, the longer you wait to begin water damage restoration, the more water will travel throughout your flooring system, causing warping and buckling in the process. If you leave it too long, the structural integrity of your home may be jeopardized.


Ignoring water damage may be an expensive and risky error for your health. If water, sewage, flood, fire, or storm damage has been done to your house or company, you should have it repaired. You can count on certified, professional staff to promptly, inexpensively, and with integrity get your home back to a pre-disaster state.